Ultimate Booty Workouts and the RCK 360

I don’t do many reviews here, but once in awhile it’s fun and important. I have two products to tell you about today: (1) A new book about booty workout routines by my friend Tamara Grand, and (2) an ab roller that challenges your core and more. First, let’s get to Tamara’s book!

Ultimate Booty Workouts

Exercises to Build, Lift and Sculpt an Amazing Butt 

I always say, if I’ve had wine with someone, there’s a darn good chance we’ll become friends. First off, if you like wine you’re awesome. Secondly, wine makes it easier to meet new people (sorry I’m not sorry).

butt workoutI had a little wine with Tamara at a conference two years ago and enjoyed her sense of humor and vast experience and knowledge as a personal trainer. We did it all over again this past year at Fitbloggin. Tamara is generous and genuine, but above all, she’s a straight shooter. I love straight shooters.

Tamara’s first book, Ultimate Booty Workouts, illustrates both her considerable knowledge and her love of educating. As a trainer myself I can tell you that she hits all the important components of building a beautious backside, from which muscles to target to basic strength training principles. She gives detailed exercise instructions and even poses in many of the photos (she’s hot).

In the early stages of writing the book, Tamara asked me to review the first couple of chapters. I was happy to contribute of course, having been a technical writer and editor for 15 years and excited to see Tamara’s content. Tamara generously included me in her Acknowledgements as I proudly show off below. Totally honored! (Plus I got the book for free – woot!)

Booty acknowledgement

Shaping your booty means following a progressive training program, and Tamara gives a 12-week plan for doing just that.

Part 1 lays out why YOU should be strengthening your glutes (yes, YOU), but also gives info about eating for a leaner, shaplier butt.

Part 2 gives you all the deets about the program and is also useful for beginners learning strength training.

Part 3 describes and illustrates the exercises in detail – this is where Tamara gets to show off her ridiculously outstanding form.

Part 4 explains how to do a proper warm up and cool down and even introduces foam rolling. And finally, the Appendix provides sheets for logging your workouts, because she who logs gets a bitchin’ backside.

So if you haven’t already, check out Ultimate Booty Workouts on Amazon. And follow Tamara at fitknitchick.com, Twitter, and Facebook to become more educated about all things fitness and nutrition.

RCK 360 Rolling Core Kinetics

To me, doing kneeling ab roller exercises is pretty brutal. Of course, it doesn’t help that I always use it after a big lower-body session. But it does get a little tedious rolling in and out, in and out, in and…

So when FEWDM Fitness gave me the chance to try out the RCK 360, I was intrigued by this ab roller on steroids.

The idea of the RCK 360 is that you can move in a bi-directional plane instead of simply forward and back. You can even attach your phone to the device and use a special app to work out. The RCK 360 comes with three DVDs, a nutrition guide, knee mat, and exercise guides.

Here is Tommy Saunders (who my 9-year-old says is “cuuute”) making it look ridiculously easy:

The Good

  • You can progress from easy to excrutiating simply by the way you position yourself. For beginners, start out in a quadrupled position and use small movements. For core gods and goddesses, extend your body out and use larger movements.
  • The product comes with lots of resources so you have plenty of ideas and progressions. I like the comprehensive nutrition guide, implying that six-pack abs has more to do with diet than ab exercises.
  • You can train your obliques with the RCK 360, unlike a basic ab wheel.

The Bad

  • I don’t like the warm ups on the DVDs, as they include a lot of static stretching (not hot for cold muscles).
  • The DVD workouts incorporate LOTS of crunches – not sound for your spine or very useful, in my opinion.
  • The device costs $90, a far cry from a basic $10 roller.

The Ugly

  • If you have any back problems whatsoever, do not use this device.
  • You could hurt yourself if you lose control and roll out too far.

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