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Low Carb Wine Tonight? 🍷 This Keto Wine Impressed Me & Passed The Test! 🍾

Keto Friendly Wine that’s less than 2 carbs for the ENTIRE BOTTLE & doesn’t knock you out of ketosis… and a low carb red wine that doesn’t give me an instant migraine?!

Plus a keto wine club that doesn’t require membership and allows you to order single bottles? BINGO❣ Secco Wine Club was a GREAT find!

Actually they found ME and sent me three bottles of their sugar free wine, keto line PALO61, to try. I was impressed enough with the company AND their wine to work with them to open the discussion with my Facebook and Instagram friends.

They sponsored those posts and this one to help spread the word about what makes their “ketogenic approved wine” unique. They also created a generous savings code for us! Use code LOWCARBTRAVELER for complimentary shipping on 3+ bottles.

I’ll share my thoughts after enjoying a couple of glasses of this “magic wine” myself, as well as the great points brought up in our discussions around the web – because you might have some of the same questions. 😉

Keto Wine - Ketogenic Friendly, Sugar Free Wine

Secco Wine Club is not the only company to offer a dry-farmed low carb wine, but it DOES have some distinct differences from others out there, making their PALO61 ketogenic friendly wines a GREAT choice…

Most wines have over 75 chemicals, are full of sugar and high carb, contain byproducts & artificial ingredients – but you’d never know, because there is no labeling required on wine.⁣ 😳

(I had NO idea store bought wines were full of so much unnecessary stuff!)

  • The PALO61 from Secco Wine Club has less than half a carb per 5oz glass and less than 2 carbs per entire bottle! ⁣🍷🍾❤


  • PALO61 has 🚫 NO sugar and 🚫 no chemicals added, and they DO have a nutrition label – unlike most wines.


  • They’re non-gmo organic wines. All of their wines use grapes that have been dry farmed from Italy and have wonderful natural flavors, with old world organic wine making practices.
  • Unlike most wine companies, they own the entire lifecycle….from grape to glass. “We tend to our grapes, make our wine, test for purity and bottle… all under our control.”
  • You don’t have to subscribe to monthly shipments or join the club to order it either, like most wine clubs. You can order single bottles without joining, directly from their website. 🍾

    Use code LOWCARBTRAVELER for complimentary shipping on 3+ bottles of PALO61 wine, available exclusively at 📲 SeccoWineClub.com

  • Sue asked: “I’m allergic to the sulfates in wine. Is this sulfate free? I would love a glass at times.” Secco Wine Club replied: “There is always a natural occurring level in all wines. We are well below 100PPM. We have had this question before and people with sensitivities have had no issues to date.”
  • It did NOT knock me out of ketosis or affect my blood sugar or ketone levels. It’s keto safe (no sugar, no chemicals).⁣

They were featured in last month’s Keto Krate box (with an insert) so it’s been a hot topic around the web. Perfect timing to have a conversation with one of the founders of Secco Wine Club and get all the juicy details. 🍇 😉

I don’t drink very often, just socially now and then, but after reading up on this company and their PALO61 keto wine line, I was intrigued enough to pop the cork and give it a go…

Low Carb Wine from Secco Keto Wine Club

I always choose blush or rosé as red wines typically give me an INSTANT migraine. ⁣As much as I want to avoid THAT (ugh!) I was interested to see if this PALO61 low carb red wine (with zero chemicals) would have the same effect on me – because I do love the taste of red wine, I’ve just never been able to drink it.⁣
Keto Wine Review: PALO61
It was WAY better than I expected. I figured dry-farmed and sugar free wine, surely it will taste super dry and maybe even bitter – right? 😛 Wrong! It had a very pleasant flavor, and it wasn’t dryer to me than the store-bought brand I usually drink.

I even got brave and tried their red keto wine. NO instant migraine per my usual response to reds… impressive!

I enjoyed the rose/blush most, but that’s always been my preference. They’re all quite nice though. I especially love that they’re “clean” – no sugar, no chemicals, just good clean organic wine. 💕

But mostly I love a GREAT glass of wine is less than half a carb!

The wine I usually drink is 4-6 carbs per glass. This is less than 2 carbs per bottle!

Interestingly the alcohol content is actually higher than the Beringer White Zinfandel I usually drink too.

The alcohol content is 13% on the red, 12% on the white & rose. The Beringer I used to drink is 10%. Secco Wine Club responded on this, saying:

“An important thing to note is that we keep all of our wines below 13% ABV to ensure only a natural fermentation process takes place: no chemicals, no funny business… just old world organic wine making.” 🍷👍❤

Keto Friendly Wine - Low Carb Wine Club

📲 PALO61 keto wine is available exclusively at: https://SeccoWineClub.com & our code is LOWCARBTRAVELER for complimentary shipping on 3+ bottles.⁣

You don’t have to subscribe to monthly shipments to try it. You can order single bottles without a membership. 🍾 Pricing varies from $17 to $26 depending on bottle and club options. You get a nice savings with their wine club, so if you find that you love it that’s definitely the better value…

I love that you have the option to just order single bottles. ⁣

They did sponsor my public conversation about their wines on Facebook and Instagram as well as this blog post, and they did give us a complimentary shipping code (LOWCARBTRAVELER) but I don’t earn commission on sales or anything. They also sent me a bottle of each to try so I could give you feedback and let you know what they’re like. I actually approached them about opening this conversation with you because I felt like this one something you’d WANT to know more about. 😉

It also gives you a space to ask them questions if there’s anything I didn’t cover in this post for you, so feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!

Cathy said: “I’ve had these PALO61 keto wines and I’m very impressed. I’m usually not a rose person but this one is delicious! I’ve stopped buying liquor store wine and belong to Scout & Cellar wine club and joining Secco Wine Club soon. It’s horrible to think about all the chemical and pesticides found in regular wine!!! This is where I’ll splurge!!

(Note: Scout & Cellar Wine Club doesn’t have a vineyard or make their own wines, or “own the process from grape-to-glass” like Secco Wine Club. They literally “scout” other vineyards for new wines all the time, and “verify” that it’s clean-crafted. I did find a bottle of Rosé I might try on their website, but there are NO nutrition facts listed or labels shown – so I have no idea what their carb counts are like. They also rotate wines monthly, so if you find one you DO like, you have to buy it up fast because it rotates out and it’s gone for good.)

Ana said: “The PALO61 Red Wine is awesome! Rose is next on my list. The white is my least favorite but overall, great wine! I joined the club! :)”
🍇 Someone mentioned making a “wine spritzer” with Sprite zero and ice & another person suggested adding a few blueberries to the bottom of your glass – both sound like a delicious way to enjoy wine!⁣
My take: I’m impressed with them – company & product both. ⁣This keto wine is legit, and it’s really cool to have wine options to suit everyone in one bottle: diabetic, vegan, keto, food snobs 😁 lol… and it’s a truly GREAT wine!

* * * * *
“Please post an update on the red – the tannins usually give me a migraine too!”

As I mentioned, I didn’t get a migraine from the PALO61 red wine (a first for me with reds!), and Secco Wine Club replied saying:

“To be honest the headaches for most people are from the high levels of sugar in wine, or the 75 + chemicals that are allowed to be used in today’s wine making process 🤯. That’s what makes us special…just pure wine from dry farmed grapes. 🍷👍

* * * * *

Red, White or Rosé? 🥂

Have you tried Secco Wine Club’s PALO61 yet?

I would love to hear what you think… and what you usually drink!⁣ 🍇

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. Be sure to use code LOWCARBTRAVELER for complimentary shipping on 3+ bottles. 😉 *CHEERS*


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