The Many Obsessions That Can Haunt a Person with OCD

An intimate look at seven lesser-known types of OCD that are darker, harder to talk about, and can remain undiagnosed for years.

How To Create Your Own No-Guilt Travel Workout

I like looking at training problems from angles most people don’t think of – until they come up, of course. Take your typical travel workout, for example. The usual articles focus on killer bodyweight workouts […]

7 Actionable Steps: Think Small to Achieve Big Goals

Our team is committed to “Start Small. Think Big. Go Deep,” so we love learning more about better goal setting for bigger returns. In a recent episode of Freakonomics “Big Returns from Thinking Small,” Owain Service and Rory Gallagher talk about thinking small for big returns. They are proponents of taking your long-term goals and breaking them down […]

Strength Training after a Mastectomy

It had been about six months since my breast reconstruction surgery and bilateral prophylactic mastectomy. I was at the gym, following an old training program I wrote. Back to training for months, I’d mostly avoided chest training. I […]

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The Simple Truth About Muscle And Training Mindfully

I recorded myself doing dumbbell military presses recently, and as always, I was surprised. My wrists were slightly bent, which I never would have noticed otherwise and could cause issues. When I saw the recording, I realized I needed a cue to keep my wrists neutral. “Knuckles up” does the trick, and I filed it away to be used in my next workout. This cue will be one more technique in my invisible toolbox that helps me push harder, safely. Call it lifting mindfully or whatever you like, but it can be the difference between getting results with strength training and getting frustrated and giving up. I believe you can tell who is lifting mindfully and who is not. Every time I walk into the gym, I see people flinging weights around, losing tension between reps, using momentum, and rushing through sets. People who are lifting with purpose – feeling every contraction and focusing on the muscles working – are hard to spot. But they stand out from the crowd because (a) they’ve achieved some impressive physique goals, and (b) they’re lifting weights differently from everyone else. While recording myself doing military presses, I became aware of two auto-pilot ways I push harder ...
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5 Clean-Eating Myths That Need To DIE

According to some players in today’s fitness world, “clean eating” is a plague. At its worst, clean eating causes people to obsessively control – and even scrub – their food. At its best, clean eating confuses innocent bystanders, because what even is “clean” or “dirty” food, anyway? Don’t get me wrong, soothes the critic. I believe in eating mostly whole, minimally processed food. But people need FLEXIBILITY in their diets, not rigidity. But clean eating – the way I interpret it – is the freaking epitome of flexibility! Boom! shouts the critic. That’s the whole problem with clean eating! There’s no single interpretation. Clean eating is confusing – and rigid. Did I mention rigid? This dialog feels like a game of “telephone.” Clean eating has become extreme eating in many circles. And now, even though plenty of folks love and follow this nutritional approach, clean eating is continually discredited as rigid, confusing, and even the cause of eating disorders. It’s all pretty stupid, actually. As I’ve talked about here and in my clean eating articles, switching to foods closest to their natural state and with minimal processing changed my life. I suffered not only from chronic digestive pain and discomfort throughout my life, but I needed to manage genetically high ...
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Last Chance: March Keto Krate Will Sell Out Fast!

I just got my March Keto Krate over the weekend, and it’s FULL of (13!) fun keto snacks. ❣

They’re shipping this one next business day for super fast delivery right now, until it sells out. 🎁

March 2019 Keto Krate

If you sign up today you can still get one. 😉

These will sell out fast, but if you go to the site you’ll see if it still says “March Krates now shipping!” at the top:

📲 https://www.TravelingLowCarb.com/krate
Use code TRAVELINGLOWCARB15 to get 15% off your first box. ✔

I’ll be back with my usual list of all the products inside, and the value breakdown of this month’s box – but I didn’t want you to miss out in case they sell out before I can get it all written up for you. 😉

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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